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Wild Fabrications

Presented by Studio Art Quilt Associates

Sponsored by Commerce Bank of Joplin and Troy & Jenny Richards

Juror: Geoffrey Gorman 
 Jennifer Day

It is thrilling to see what is happening in the world of art quilts and to observe how the technology and processes used to create them have changed and evolved over time. It is also nice to see so many works from accomplished and experienced artists with a wide range of styles. I think this shows the diversity in the art quilt community. It seems like art quilts are going through a period of exciting change because of the easy access to a wide variety of images, inspirations, and new techniques, often due to the internet.

I asked myself a number of questions as I looked at each work: Did the work have visual impact? Was the image well composed and well designed? What was the work about, did the artist seem to have a clear sense of what they were communicating and what the work was expressing? But also did the work let the imagination go beyond the image?”

— Geoffrey Gorman, Juror

Wild Fabrications celebrates a world of animals both real and fantastical.  Selected quilt artists let their imagination run wild and created interesting and unusual interpretations of animals using unexpected or unconventional materials and adornment, and/or unusual techniques. The theme not only lends itself particularly to bold colors and whimsical imagery, but also to beautiful realism, and humor that can be ebullient or dark.

We must remember that man is himself a beast, and that we impinge upon the habitats of animals as much as they on ours. By sharing the intriguing and inspiring qualities of animals, these artworks serve as reminders that conservation and understanding is necessary in order to maintain the natural world in which we live.

Can you picture the imagery that could be associated with these great descriptions of the art work of Wild Fabrications? The following are quotes from the artists themselves:

“Beauty knows it’s a jungle out there looking for the perfect mate, so she practices her come-hither look.” (Barbara Yates Beasley)

“The dodo lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and was killed off soon after being discovered in the mid-1700s. My polka-dotted specimen of that bird is proud and self-confident, displaying himself to a world that never had the chance to know him.” (Susan Carlson)

“My work tends to use stylized imagery in a narrative manner. Boogie Nights is a moment captured under the starry sky while the natives dance and the wildlife watches.” (Diana Ferguson)

“The Flower Child seems a bit disillusioned with the whole hippie era. Things just did not turn out like he thought they would. My son calls this quilt a cat mash-up. The head belongs to our Maine Coon cat. The body comes from my son’s Hawaiian cat.” (Carol Fletcher)

“We happened upon this beautiful white crane while on a bird watch in Costa Rica.  We watched quietly while he crept through the mangrove swamp, seemingly unaware of his audience.” (Ann Myhre)

“The head of a cat and the body of a mouse on a crazy, trashy background of used lottery tickets and junk food boxes. What fun! Wanna buy a lottery ticket anyone? More losing tickets for me to dumpster-dive for.” (Martha Ressler)

“How a mixed-up box of crayons might view the North American Red Fox.” (Kate Themel)

Wild Fabrications is sponsored by, with additional support from the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.

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