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March 4 – April 30

Juror’s Works

Sponsored by Spiva Board of Directors

Curator’s Statement

I began my tenure at Spiva as the registrar for PhotoSpiva 2007, the last year before the competition went digital. All the entries were shipped to Spiva and my job was to unpack, inspect, catalog, and organize them for the juror, John Paul Caponigro. I assisted him when he spent a very long day carefully considering almost 600 entries to choose work for the exhibit.

That experience with Caponigro and the days with him that followed were transformational for me. I stayed on at Spiva, and every year I look forward to spending time with the jurors. I have had the pleasure to drive them around, dine with them and exchange ideas, and my time with every single one has been enriching. It is definitely a perk of the job.

Looking through old files and PhotoSpiva catalogs was just the starting point for this exhibit. Tracking down former jurors — 33 of 38 are still living — was not always easy, but it was worth it for all the great conversations I had, especially with jurors before my time. Once again I quickly made friends, and I came away from the experience feeling a connection to the competition I’ve never felt before.

I hope that this exhibit will enable you to appreciate what extraordinarily talented people have served as PhotoSpiva jurors. Over the last forty years we’ve hosted a lot of heavy hitters who helped bring some fantastic photography to Joplin and helped launch a few stellar careers as well!

Shaun Conroy,

Exhibits Director

“Celebrate the creative experience – be a community catalyst.”