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January & February

Southwest Missouri Third Graders Collaboration

Sponsored by the General Mills Foundation & Walmart

Beginning January 17- February 15, Spiva will be buzzing with the energy of more than 1400 third graders from the surrounding area who come to experience the magic of art for the annual Third Grade Field Trip.Students visit the Main Gallery and are immersed into gallery exploration. Then they head up to the art studio for a hands-on art making experience. This year we are excited to share the exhibit The Reins: The Paintings of Juan Kelly. Students will view the large, magical oil paintings full of animals and visual metaphor.

This year’s program was designed by Amber Mintert, Assistant Professor of Art at Missouri Southern State University, Jordan Murdock, Spiva Program Director, and Spiva’s dedicated Education Committee. And of course, all of this would not be possible without the volunteers an dstudents from Spiva, MSSU,and PSU who help implement the lesson plan and activities.


“Celebrate the creative experience – be a community catalyst.”