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Spiva Center for the Arts Joplin MO

UPSTAIRS GALLERY | June 1 – June 29

Travis Pratt: The Joplin Paintings


Recollections of a natural disaster, both awesome and disconcerting are on view at Spiva Center for the Arts Upstairs Gallery from June 1 – June 29. Created on a scale to show the event’s enormity, most pieces are so large it allows one to stand up close and bear witness where they might otherwise turn away.

Infinite detail is not blurred nor covered up. They offer nothing but the brutal truth. Even when his imagery leans towards abstraction, Pratt doesn’t overburden it with more dramatization than already exists. The Joplin Paintings are a convocation of shape, line and color that in no way diminish the impact of the tornado, but give permission to enjoy what has been created without substituting empathy for beauty.

“Celebrate the creative experience – be a community catalyst.”