SPIVA will host the group exhibition “STRATA: Layered Meaning” featuring work from Madeline Gallucci, Melaney Mitchell, Steve Snell, Patty Carroll, Andy Gershon, Bobby Houlette, Brett Reif, and Mary Ann Strandell. The work in this exhibition features multiple mediums: photography, painting, watercolor, and sculpture.

This exhibition showcases how these contemporary visual artists explore their subjects through layers both figural and literal. The artist cuts through the surface, pulling apart, and examining the layers that make up the whole.  It is through this exploration of the components that both the artist and viewer may more deeply understand the whole or question what once was understood.

STRATA : Layered Meaning was curated by Courtney Wasson from Kansas City, MO.  Since 2005, Wasson has continuously worked to support artists through exhibitions, studio critiques, and marketing.  Wasson has worked with the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in Kansas City for the past eight years. In 2016, Wasson became the Program Coordinator of the Lighton International Artist Exchange Program and beginning in 2019 will become the Executive Director of Studios Inc. in Kansas City, MO.  Wasson is a dedicated artist advocate whose mission is to service the promotion of artistic dialogue and connect artists to opportunities.

Wasson is connected to the Joplin community through her husband, Phillip Wasson, who grew up in Carl Junction, MO and first met Spiva Director Josie Mai during the fundraiser “Twist and Shout” a benefit held at the Leedy Voulkos Art Center for the Spiva Arts Center.

You can find the entire exhibit catalog at https://issuu.com/courtneywasson/docs/strata__layered_meaning_catalog