Joplin, MO’s art and cultural community is booming—and there is no slowing down
in sight. With this, comes some amazing events for the entire family to enjoy. From
Joplin Arts Fest (Joplin’s annual art festival in September) to Joplin’s First Thursday
ArtWalk, we are loving the way these events allow cultural centers to connect with
the community at large.

With Spring coming full speed ahead, Spiva Center for the Arts is feeling giddy,
opening our doors to the public every first Thursday from here on out.

As you mosey along through the Brick District in Joplin, listening to Ozark bards play
live music on the streets, and in stores, take a moment to step into Spiva Center for
the Arts to see the newest exhibit we have to offer.

George A. Spiva Center for the Arts is one of the many proud art venues that set up
exhibits for First Thursday’s ArtWalk, and you’ll never know what exciting exhibit
we will have in store each ArtWalk. From fantastic jewelry, glasswork, pottery, and
more, Spiva is sure to offer a new, unique ArtWalk experience every time.

First Thursday ArtWalk offers a relaxed atmosphere for people of all ages to enjoy
the artistic and cultural creations of the locals, but no First Thursday event is
complete without a trip to Spiva.

Whether you wish to see our permanent exhibits, or you can’t wait to see what
special exhibit we are offering in the lobby, Spiva Center for the Arts is a must-see
stop for anyone looking for the best art night out around.

For a full listing of our current and upcoming exhibits, check out our calendar of