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Do I need to have my photos printed before I enter the contest?

No. Your photos may or may not be selected by the juror. After you enter the contest, the juror will decide if your photos will be part of the PhotoSpiva exhibit, so you don’t need to print anything until you know for sure your work has been accepted. Not every photo that is entered makes it to the exhibition.


If my work is accepted, are there specifications for presentation?

Yes! Photographs must be mounted on rigid backing (ex: foamboard) and over-matted with  presentation quality white mat board with at least 2 inches of border showing on all sides of the print. No off-white or colored mats will be accepted. Outside dimensions of the mat board must be in full-inch increments in standard sizes- 11X14, 16X20, etc. Exhibition prints will be displayed under Plexiglass; artists who submit matted prints in odd sizes must furnish Plexiglass cut to size. Framed prints will not be accepted; three-dimensional work will not be accepted. An exception to this will be photos printed on metal, which will not need to be mounted or matted but will need a secure hanging system.


REMINDER: The words “mounted on” means dry mounted permanently to the backing board. Therefore, all the submissions will arrive packaged flat. If you do not wish to permanently affix your photo, we will allow you to have the image corners tipped into the mats or photo corners to be used.

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Does it matter what photographic process or medium I used to create my images?

As long as you can mat and mount the piece as we’ve requested we don’t have any restrictions on the medium or process.


Can I come to Joplin, Missouri for the juror’s lecture and award ceremony?

Absolutely. We recommend you visit if you’re planning an overnight visit to Joplin to attend any PhotoSpiva events – portfolio reviews, awards ceremony, juror’s lecture.

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PhotoSpiva is presented by Freeman Health System with additional support from the Joplin Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.
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