We’re glad you asked. Our annual Small Works auctions, previously known as the
12×12 Auction, features dozens of pieces of original works of art, that, you guessed
it, are small.

This year’s Small Works Auction will run from March 16 through May 12, 2018.
During this time, the Spiva Art Gallery will be full to the brim with jaw-dropping
pieces of original art.

Bid sheets are posted adjacent to each piece and anyone can bid.

If you are interested in checking out the exhibit, or looking to place a bid on an
auction item, but can’t make it to the gallery, don’t fret! To make our auction more
accessible, we have listed all of the auction items on our site.

It’s a breeze to place a bid online: simply click on your favorite piece—and bid! No
need to login.

The online bidding will close on May 11 th at 3 PM. The in-house closing bidding party
will be held on May 11 th from 5:30-7:00 PM. If you are not here to bid during this
event, you must have a stand-in to bid for you.

Many thanks to those who contribute their work to this important fundraising
auction, as well as to our bidders.

To learn more about Spiva Art’s 2018 Small Works Auction, please give us a call at
(417) 623-0183.