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Come Create with Us!

Spiva provides a broad spectrum of creative, educational art programs for the four-state community and encourages all age groups to explore, enjoy and participate in the arts. Classes take place in our classrooms, galleries, and even on the streets.

Instructors are state certified, and/or have several years of teaching experience.

The Spiva Kids Fun Fund is available for financial assistance.

Culinary Art 101

Saturday, July 22 12-2pm

Ages 16 and up

Cost: $40

This class meets offsite in Carthage, MO. Use seasonal ingredients fresh from the Webb City Farmer’s Market to create a family style lunch. Individually plate and photograph the meal, sit down and eat, and walk away with leftovers and recipes. Basic prep and cooking skills. No experience necessary.

Vet Art

Basic Painting: Boot Camp 

Saturday, July 29, 5.30-8pm


This foundational workshop will focus on composition, tools, color mixing, and application of acrylic paint on canvas. Participants will leave with a solid set of skills and a painting to hang in your home. The skills learned in this workshop will prepare you for more advanced painting processes.



Glass Art Workshop

Friday, July 28 4:00-7:00 pm, Saturday, July 29 10:00-1:00 pm, and Saturday, August 5   10:00-1:00pm

Ages 13 and up

Cost: $100

Learn the art of fused glass and other forms of glass work with professional artist Jane McCaulley during this three session course. Participants will walk away with one-of-a-kind glass creations. Whether you are testing the waters of glass art or have enjoyed this craft for years, you’ll have a blast learning from Jane’s years of experience!

Preschool Summer Camps

10-11:30am   Ages 3-5  Cost $50

Minimum of 4 students for classes to hold, except where specified.

Week 1:  June 6-8 Art Explorers

Send your little artist on an adventure through the worlds of famous artists like Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci! During this camp participants will learn about iconic works of art and bring home their own masterpieces!

Week 2: June 13-15 Tinker Camp

Learn about fun ways to use recycled objects in crafts! Students will make projects on the themes of water conservation and recycling. This camp makes big ideas easy for our littlest artist to understand and enjoy!

Week 3: June 20-22 Creative Café

Come create edible art during the Creative Cafe! This three day adventure gives your little chef the opportunity to build, decorate, and think outside the box with edible materials!

Week 4: June 27-29 Amazing Animals

Join us as we go on an imaginary safari, explore the ocean, and create art about the animals that live in our area!

Week 5: July 11-13 Once Upon A Time

This camp is for all the youngest story tellers out there! Come make art about our favorite fairy tales, learn to make a story with your friends during our collaborative story time, and have fun imagining new worlds to explore during this magical, creative camp!

Week 6: July 18-20 Squish, Squash, Sculpt

For all those little artists who like to get a little messy, this camp is for them! Come build with model magic and all kinds of fun, new materials! Learn how to use basic shapes to sculpt animals, flowers, and anything you can imagine!

Week 7: July 25-27 Candyland Creations

Come create yummy art based on all of our favorite deserts! We’ll be making things like doughnut sunglasses, cupcake sculptures, and we’ll look at paintings by artists like Wayne Theibaud who make sweet, sweet artwork!

Youth Summer Camps

12:30-5:30pm Ages 6-12* Cost $90-$100

Minimum of 6 students required for classes to hold, maximum of 15.

*Please note these camps begin at age 9 for safety reasons

Week 1:  June 6-8    Glass Camp* $100

Come and learn from artist Jane McCaulley in this three day glass-crafting adventure! Create beautiful mosaic, fused glass, and works of art that interact with natural light in beautiful ways! Ages 9-12 are welcome.

Week 2: June 13-15       Recycled Art Adventures  $90

Learn to live creatively with artist Sarah Serio! This camp will explore the basics of sculpture using reclaimed objects. Discover new ways to take care of the environment and utilize nature in artwork during this 3 day recycling art adventure.

Week 3: June 20-22        Printmaking Camp $90

Explore the diverse world of printmaking with professional print-maker, Sarah Serio. This camp will give you the opportunity to learn about different print-making techniques and materials while creating fun, fabulous artwork!

Week 4: June 27-29    Drawing Camp $90 

Draw, sketch, and doodle through this adventurous camp while we dive into new mediums like charcoal, sumi ink, and conté!

Week 5 : July 11-13          Photography Camp $90

Did you miss out on our PhotoSpiva workshops? Are you looking for more fun with a camera? Join us for a 3 day camp on all things photography! Students will learn the basics of photo composition and the history of photography, and also have the opportunity to polish their story-telling skills through the photos they take!

Week 6: July 17,19,21        Clay Camp $100

Come sculpt and create with artist and teacher Lacey Satillian! This class takes place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday due to the nature of the materials they will be working with.

Week 7: July 25-27              Painting Camp $90

Get ready to dive into 3 days of messy, creative fun with artist and teacher, Audrey Wheeler! This camp will explore different painting mediums and delve into diverse styles and techniques in a fresh, fun way! For all the young Van Gogh and Da Vinci’s out there, this camp is for you!

Week 8: August 1-3             Fiber Arts Camp $90

Are you fascinated by weaving? Do you ever wonder how fabrics are made or decorated? Well this camp is for you! Come learn from textile artist, Audrey Wheeler as she explores different kinds of weaving, fabric dying, and stitching! Discover artists who live here and around the world who create their artwork using the fiber art techniques you’ll learn with Audrey!

Week 9: August 7,9,11         Clay Camp II * $100

Learn new techniques in sculpting and ceramics! This camp will take place Monday, Wednesday, and Friday due to the nature of the materials used.

Tween Summer Camps

July 18-20 12:30-5:30  Ages 13-14 $90

Whether you enjoy comic book art, Manga, cartoons, the art of Disney, or you just love the art of illustration, this camp is for you! During this three day camp we’ll learn about what makes a character strong, how to tell a story through a single image as well as through a comic book layout. By the end of this camp you will have created and illustrated your own story.

Vet Art: Clay-More

Saturday, Aug 19, 1- 3pm


Learn the art of “throwing” clay on a potter’s wheel in the professional studios of Crackpot Pottery. This workshop will cover centering clay on the wheel, throwing, trimming finished pieces, glazing, and firing. Participants will have their pieces glazed (color finish) and fired for pickup at a later date. Class size limited to 10 veterans.





Coloring Book Club


Coloring Book Club

Saturday, March 11, April 8, May 13, 10:30am-12pm

Cost: FREE

Colorers and Sketchbookers unite! Bring your materials the second Saturday of every month to the Rachel Salzer Library upstairs at Spiva. Some markers and coloring pages will be provided, but it’s best to bring what you prefer or purchase items in the gift shop! No need to register, just come relax as you scribble, doodle, color, and draw.

Memories in the Making

 George A SPIVA Center for the Arts Joplin MO

Thursdays, March 2 – November 16, 10:00am-12:00pm

Memories in the making is back this March! This art experience is centered on the expression of creativity through painting for those dealing with memory loss. There is no charge for the class, and no prior art experience is necessary. Memories in the Making® is hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Missouri, in conjunction with George A. Spiva Center for the Arts. Sponsored by St. Avips.

Spiva Teen Arts Advisory Committee

This highly selective committee is a place for teens between the ages of 14 and 18 to have their ideas and voices heard. Members of the STAAC will be directly involved in the development and implementation of programs and events at Spiva that affect their peers. This program is for teens who are responsible, proactive, and wildly creative. If you are interested in STAAC, contact Spiva for more information on the application process.

“Celebrate the creative experience – be a community catalyst.”