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 July 29 – Sept 24

Anemoi: Breath of the Morning Sky, Ceramic Whistles by Laurie Spencer

Sponsored by Dr. Lance and Sharon Beshore

The Anemoi were the Greek Gods of the four winds. With a gust of breath, my sculptures are brought to life creating a connection between the viewer and the sculpture, one depending on the other.

All of my work is inspired by my deep love and sense of wonder of the natural world and the beauty of our planet. As a small child, my mother would bring to my attention the smallest details of the natural world by taking apart flowers to study the structure, identifying the plants, trees, and insects which created in me a heightened sense of wonder of the world around me. This has been a life long fascination and it comes through in my art. I like to create experiential pieces that are primarily visual but also include sound, touch and all together create an atmosphere and engaging feeling.

As the ancient Greek Gods blew their winds of luck, mercy or war on their people, we today are provoking change on the earth’s landscape with our daily actions.  We are now entering a new geologic time epoch due to the drastic changes humans have brought upon the planet. While epochs generally last 3 million years or more, we are barely 11,500 years into the Holocene epoch. Habitat destruction, environmental pollution, global warming and massive animal and plant extinctions mark the change from the Holocene to our new proposed epoch, the Anthropocene.

Through my work I hope to bring awareness to the delicate nature and balance of the natural world and the impact we have as humans on our planet. We can blow a gentle breath or winds of destruction.

“Celebrate the creative experience – be a community catalyst.”