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 October 14 – December 16, 2017

In a Japanese Garden, by Carol Adamec

Sponsored by Alex Curchin & Cynthia Schwab

With paint and brush, I have been chasing beauty for nearly 50 years. Mostly I have been a realist painter, choosing to paint something    beautiful—a flower, a sunset, a still life, a landscape—rendered in a realistic way to capture the light, form, and color of nature. This devotion to realism challenged my visual sensitivities and honed my painting skills for many years.

However, over the past several years, I have altered my goal: to just paint beautifully, as I move toward abstraction in my image-making. This has led me to investigate and appreciate a myriad of patterns and designs found in a wide range of cultural sources—Native American pottery, Eskimo masks, the American  Arts & Crafts Movement, African bark cloth, Indonesian batiks, Persian rugs, Chinese robes, and Japanese kimonos.

The Kimono Series, begun in 2014, was my first foray toward this endeavor. I have selected the simple configuration of the Japanese kimono as a way to  compose the picture plane. With that structure in place, the image is developed with line, color, and a mix of materials, mediums, and sources.

Eventually, my practice of painting flowers and my recent interest in the rich patterning of Japanese kimonos converged. In a Japanese Garden is an exhibition of my current artistic intention—to create a new visual expression that embodies the essence of beauty.


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