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August 8 – October 3, 2020

Element 6: Carbon, Drawing Life

Element 6 features the work of three graphite and charcoal artists Chris Blackmon, Chelsie Murfee, and Kim Taggart. In their work, they pay homage to traditional studio skills but build upon them with their own innovative techniques. The exhibit explores fundamental drawing, with a slow and painstaking understanding of form, values, and light. The sixth element, Carbon, is the element that binds us together, and carefully constructs life on the page through the delicate layering and blending of values.

Blackmon is a hyperrealism, charcoal pencil artist. He enjoys his art form (realism) because in the process of recreating an image on paper, he also experiences the thoughts and feelings experienced in the moment, while inspiring new ones as well in the viewer. Murfee’s work explores the human connection, the story of life and love, through realism. The process begins by capturing time, isolating the story hidden inside a second. The work deconstructs the moment, quietly understand it, and then gently maps the light cascading around each form.

Taggart has an enthusiasm for graphite medium above all. Her discoveries of new graphite tools led her to take pencil to a whole new level, defned as “Extreme Graphite.” She developed a technique of smooth, precisionist saturation of tones influenced by modern American artists from the late 1920s and 1930s.







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