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May 28 – July 16, 2022

Jon & Judith Fowler: A Retrospective

The Jon and Judith Fowler Retrospective exhibit presents selected artworks that cover most of their long careers as professional artists and art educators. Judith’s creative works in   drawing, painting, and etching focus on the human figure in a variety of humorous situations or discombobulated in a nightmare. Jon is exhibiting a select group of figurative bronzes, ceramic sculptures, and pottery as representational pieces of his career in 3D art.

Judith is an Emeritus Professor from Missouri State University in Springfield. As Professor and Coordinator of the Art Education Program Judith taught preservice K-12 art teachers and studio art at MSU until retirement in 2014.

Prior to teaching in Springfield, Judith taught part time at MSSU while her four children were in public schools in Joplin. When they started their academic schooling in higher education, Judith began her full-time teaching career at MSU. During her professorship at Missouri State, Judith was awarded numerous University grants and four Summer Fellowships. Judith is a published author in art education journals and has made over 20 national and international juried presentations in art education and art therapy. She has traveled extensively overseas and has done art therapy research at Institute Curie in Paris, France, and she maintains art studios in Joplin, Carthage, and Springfield, MO.

Jon Fowler retired from a 30 year teaching career at MSSU in 2000. As Professor of Sculpture and Ceramics, Jon also served as Chairman of the Art Department for several years. Jon’s artworks are mainly focused in the world of ceramic pottery and bronze sculptures, with several large pieces commissioned for schools and business entities such as Bass Pro. Jon operates a pottery studio in Joplin, but mostly enjoys riding his climate controlled John Deere tractor on his 10 acre RockyHill Ranch in Carthage.

Jon has accompanied Judith on many national and international speaking engagements and overseas art research adventures; so both have been inspired by visiting some of the      greatest art museums in the world.

Beyond creating art, Judith & Jon have four children, two granddaughters, and will soon be great grandparents.




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