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Missouri Art Now is a call-for-entry based competition that was juried among the four corners of Missouri to shed a spotlight on exemplary artists chosen for the distinguished honor of representing our vibrant arts culture as we celebrate our bicentennial. This exhibition consists of 60 diverse works by 60 artists whose artistry stood out among hundreds of others. The collection, as a whole, is on tour and is making its way through Missouri in the following venues.


  • The Arts Council of Southeast Missouri in Cape Girardeau (March 5-27, 2021)
  • The State Historical Society of Missouri in Columbia (April 9-May 15, 2021)
  • Post Art Library and Spiva Center for the Arts in Joplin (May 29-July 17, 2021)
  • Hannibal Arts Council in Hannibal (July 24-September 4, 2021)
  • The Albrecht-Kemper Museum in Saint Joseph (September 18-November 7, 2021)


The work for this exhibition is not for sale through these venues, but a list of artist contact information can be provided at your request.

The artists selected to exhibit are:

Keith Ekstam, Springfield, MO

Laurel DeFreece, Plattsburg, MO

Wanda Taylor, Cameron, MO

Aimee Fresia, Lee’s Summit, MO

Justin Shaw, Warrensburg, MO

Kirk Decker, Lawson, MO

Desiree Warren, Kansas City, MO

Sherry Leedy, Kansas City, MO

William Hankins, Platte City, MO

Feixue Mei, Maryville, MO

Harlan Hubbard, Kansas City, MO

John Keeling, Kansas City, MO

Veronica Watkins, Maryville, MO

Elizabeth White, Peculiar, MO

Tom Schiller, Kansas City, MO

Trey Banning, Richmond, MO

William Rainey, Kansas City, MO

Bethanie Irons, Columbia, MO

Fred Schollmeyer, Chamois, MO

Janet Bratcher, Moberly, MO

CB Adams, St. Charles, MO

Howard Kuo, Hannibal, MO

Mary Drastal, Chesterfield, MO

Ken Konchel, St. Louis, MO

Michael Bauermeister, Augusta, MO

Adam Long, St. Charles, MO

Mary Jo Kattelman, Newark, MO

Amy Miller, St. Louis, MO

Debra Scoggin Myers, Ewing, MO

Byron Sletten, St. Louis, MO

Sally Kintz, Clarksville, MO

Pat Owoc, St. Louis, MO

Sally Vikman, Wentzville, MO

John Fennell, Columbia, MO

Mitch Yung, Bolivar, MO

Chelsie Murfee, Ozark, MO

Steve Willis, Springfield, MO

Jade Henning, Joplin, MO

Sarah Serio, Neosho, MO

Steve Doerr, Joplin, MO

Gwen Walstrand, Springfield, MO

Linda Bowling, Lamar, MO

Michael Kornblum, Springfield, MO

Jacqueline Warren, Buffalo, MO

Lori Marble, Neosho, MO

Krista Zehner, Springfield, MO

Annie Campbell, Springfield, MO

M. Scott Phifer, Springfield, MO

Mary Datum, Joplin, MO

Jim Jackson, Joplin, MO

Shelby Moe, Rolla, MO

Carmen Martin-Utley, Mountain View, MO

Chris Wubbena, Jackson, MO

Jessica Lynn Gambino, Mountain Grove, MO

Teri Moore, Augusta, MO

Bryan Haynes, Washington, MO

Pamela Souders, Pacific, MO

Linda Abernathy, Hillsboro, MO

M. Charles Rhinehart, Cape Girardeau, MO

Phil Jones, Jefferson City, MO




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