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October 17 – December 19, 2020

Steve Snyder: The Freedom Endeavor

Who do we thank for the freedoms that most of us take for granted? The Freedom Endeavor recognizes the contributions of everyday citizens who have served in the US military, those who have taken the oath to protect our Constitutional freedoms. We see them everyday, we meet them on the street, at the market, but how do we distinguish the people responsible for our freedoms and liberties?

The Freedom Endeavor honors these Veterans through the use of dramatic artistic photography as well as audio/video and text media. Each Veteran is photographed as we would see them currently, in everyday civilian life. They are photographed holding a picture of themselves from their time in the service. The contrast between their current appearance and their service time can be vastly different. A short audio/video interview is recorded with their story on how their service time affected their lives and why they took the oath. Their images and their stories are showcased in this exhibit. To learn more about The Freedom Endeavor please visit freedomendeavor.org.





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