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 August 18 – October 6, 2018

Angel Brame: One Per Day, A Year of Small Decisions

Sponsored by Spiva Board of Directors

Artist’s Statement:

As a clay artist, I am always looking for way to challenge myself.  Clay offers unique opportunities.  It can be two dimensional or three dimensional.  It can be glazed simply or decorated in layers of intricate detail and mediums.  Clay is so full of possibilities and therein lies the chance to explore, push, and investigate.

In an effort to assign myself a task that would push my creativity and encourage growth, I have chosen to make one small piece per day for an entire year with a few stipulations.  Each piece must be a pouring vessel and must be small.  These pieces offer vast choices in type and surface decoration, non clay additions, glaze and cold finishes, and overall assembly of parts.  This adventure has caused me to not just think outside of the box, but destroy it completely.

I find myself looking at everyday items in a new light.  Why not make an oil can out of clay?  Why not make an entire train set out of clay in the form of teapots?  How do I make a hinge out of clay, put wheels on a car, or push yesterday’s piece further?  Every day and every piece brings a new challenge and a new level of excitement.

There is such great joy in creating each piece and letting it spark an idea for the next one.  There is also extraordinary satisfaction in considering a new shape or vessel, designing and creating the components, putting the piece together, and having a successful result.  I jokingly refer to these pieces as “my babies,” but at the end of the year, they will truly be a labor of love.

-Angel Brame



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