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May 28 – July 23, 2022

William Jeffrey Jones: Body of Evidence

For this artist, the process of creating is one of unceasing investigation and an examination of evidence gathered using a variety of lenses and mirrors to enhance, as well as compensate for the limitations of the artist’s naked eyes, intellect, skill, or “soul.” Subjectively, the cases in this show are fluid stories, mirror images of the human figure and condition, refracted through the lens of fired clay, itself a fluid medium prior to its metamorphic transformation through fire.

The evidence hereby presented in each of these cases is stripped of the superficial, distilled to the essences of the conditions explored and established for deeper future exploration. The artist provides a set of elements that can and should be considered in developing a narrative, both practical and impractical, logical and illogical, unique to the viewer.



Born in 1961, Jeffrey has been a working artist for over 35 years, with extensive experience as a production potter and commercial sculptor for the gift, architectural ornament, and toy industries. He established his own pottery studio in 1986. but worked full-time as a production potter for Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO until the mid-1990s. During this time, he was also sculpting prototypes for the gift and architectural ornament industries.

In the late 1990s, he traveled the world creating sand sculptures for many large corporations, events, shopping centers, and sports teams before accepting a position as a staff sculptor for McFarlane Toys from 2000-2005. For this company, he sculpted action figures for many of the most popular movie properties such as the Terminator and The Matrix, as well as dozens of other properties in the movie, television, gaming, music, and sports genres. After McFarlane, Jeffrey sculpted prototypes for several other toy companies, producing toys and collectible   figures for popular properties such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Resident Evil, Pirates of the Caribbean, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, Sin City, Child’s Play, among many others.

That experience is a powerful tool with which Jeffrey develops his own concepts and ideas into fine sculptural works under his own name. In addition to his sculpture and pottery work, he is also an award-winning painter. He currently works out of his own studios in Neosho, Missouri, creating exquisite figurative sculptures in several types of clay media. 






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