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August 8 – October 3, 2020

Angel Brame: Repurpose, Reengineer, Relocate

Artist Angel Brame explains her exhibition:

“The premise is to take regular objects, typically vintage, that have been tossed aside and have critters ‘MacGyver’ them as a means of escaping their current habitats. As much as possible I make each piece from clay. I am predominately a wheel thrower and tend to start my planning processes in the round. I will add whatever is necessary to make the found object move, i.e. wheels, wings, turbos, propellers, etc. I started with a goal of 26 pieces, each named or titled for every letter of the alphabet. This is a way to show progression from the first piece to the last. The project is a direct result of my 2017 challenge of creating one piece per day, every day, for one year.  Some of the pieces from the 2017 challenge had legs, wheels, wings, etc. While that initial challenge revolved around functional pieces, the logical next step was to push those pieces in new directions on a bigger scale with less boundaries. The result is a series of sculptures inspired by teapots with wheels and oil cans with tentacles.” 





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