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October 12 – December 21, 2019

Catherine Kirkland: What’s the Point?

Sponsored by Spiva Board of Directors


Using vibrant, cheerful colors and intricate dot patterns, artist Catherine Kirkland strives to bring a sense of joy to the viewer, while providing an answer to that “pointed” question with her pointillist abstract art. She takes delight in watching exhibit guests take in her paintings from a distance, then draw closer and react with amazement at the detailed dots that make up the images.

 Ms. Kirkland demonstrates her unique neo-impressionist, labor-intensive pointillist painting technique on works that explore both outer and inner-spaces. She finds inspiration in the vastness of an extraterrestrial nebula and, conversely, the microscopic intercellular spaces of the human body.

 Ms. Kirkland’s influences include: world-renowned 20th century pointillist painter Vance Kirkland; contemporary painter David S. Parker; and 19th century pointillist painters Georges Seurat, Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Signac.



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