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UPSTAIRS GALLERY | September 5 – October 30, 2018

People, Place and Things by Four Northwest Arkansas Artists


Gary Johnson

The art I produce seems to come about from my daily living experiences. Those experiences have taken me to many countries in the world as well as many locations in North America. I usually travel with a camera to enable me to capture unique photos of potential subjects for my paintings. I enjoy painting a variety of subject matter from landscapes, wildlife, and architectural themes to vibrant abstracts, still life and portraits. Although I paint primarily in watercolor, I also paint mixed media pieces incorporating acrylic and collage from a variety of materials with watercolor.

While I use a variety of materials and techniques for each project, my methodology remains fairly consistent. Because subject matter varies so widely in my work, the materials and forms of the work also vary. During research a production, new interests arise which frequently lead me to my next body of work.

Managing paint on canvas or paper to create a piece of art is a continuum of growth and never ending journey and artist travels; be it through a world of experience and travel, from trial and error, or just plain living.


Celestine Eichler

I feel compelled to paint. I grew up around it, with art always being part of my life. I have 4 siblings and a daughter who also paint.
I paint from my heart, subjects that I love, mostly from life, and always enjoying the process and the journey. I paint in oils, sometimes with an acrylic start, with as much impressionistic color and expression as possible.


Carol Hart

Time just seems to stand still while I’m painting.  I continue to be surprised and delighted at how painting both intrigues and engages me. I enjoy experimenting with a variety of subjects, mediums and materials. Whether painting landscapes, abstracts or figurative work, I emphasize the relationship of shapes and use vivid colors to draw the viewer in. Once the process has started, I tend to paint instinctively looking for those unanticipated surprises to guide me.


Terry Dushan

My love of photography was born through my father’s lens, while my mother’s master’s level creativity with watercolor and oil taught me a deep appreciation of color and the critical skills of composition. Daughter and spouse of Air Force officers, I have lived in numerous places both stateside and abroad, become immersed in a variety of cultures and experienced a wealth of sensory input—vision being the most powerful stimulus for me.

Photography is my life’s passion. Color, texture, graphic detail, and the visual impact of these things combined, are my primary focus in recording any image. The beauty of light, the spectrum of color holds me and thus my camera captive.

I strive to record a moment in time. Sometimes, my subject is lit as if by magic and demands instant capture. Other images require patience and persistence. All images are taken handheld because I am constantly moving. I do not use a tripod. I want to capture movement as I move.

Currently, I experiment with creating digital art that is abstract and compelling. As I work with digital images to compose an abstract piece, I feel an ever more active participant in the process of producing fine art, works often far removed from what my lens initially captured.







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