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UPSTAIRS GALLERY | October 1 – 30, 2019

The Space Between Spaces by Jason Burns

Jason Burns lives and farms in SE Kansas. Since he was a young boy, he would often bring binoculars with him on the tractor while farming. At night, he’d lay up on the hood of the tractor and stare into the heavens with those binoculars while waiting for a ride home. The desire to look up never went away.

As a farmer and later a computer consultant and photographer, it was only a matter of time before all these things came together. He now has many telescopes and a small roll off roof observatory in which he images the night skies. His wife Stacey Burns and seven children (Natalee, Jackie, Evan, Karl, Eric, Justice and Quentin) are his die-hard fans and often helpers in his astronomical endeavors.  

Many of these images, which take hours to produce, will be on exhibit in Spiva’s upstairs gallery for the month of October. These stunningly beautiful images display one man’s passion in following his dreams.








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